Caroline’s Cake Mix is all about simplifying baking at home, including Gluten-Free baking! With our cake, pancake, cookies and pizza mixes now available in all leading supermarkets in Kenya, and in Uganda, we want to make baking everyone’s favourite weekend activity.

My name is Caroline Nansubuga-Bredt, founder and managing director of Caroline’s Cupcakes Limited. We are located in Nairobi, Kenya.

We started manufacturing cake mixes at the end of 2020 during the Covid Pandemic.

Before this, we were a design cake bakery in Nairobi creating event cakes for our customers since 2017. When the Covid Pandemic hit the world, our business was heavily affected since no events were taking place anymore.

In order to continue running the business without laying anybody off, we had to reach our customers where they were – at home. This was only possible with a cake mix.

Recipes were developed with locally available ingredients and we started packaging and supplying our first supermarkets towards the end of 2020. Gluten free variations were not left out for the ever-increasing number of allergic and healthy-lifestyle loving people. We procure our gluten free cassava flour from partners that source raw materials from local farmers in western Kenya.



To create the best tasting cake mixes across the African continent while generating economic opportunities in African farming communities. The African market is large and the economy is growing. We have only scratched the surface so far.

We believe baking brings joy and love, plain and simple. That’s why we’re on a mission to make it a staple activity in every African household!

The Caroline’s Cake Mix team has since 2020 grown to 20 people, thanks to the great reception we have enjoyed from our customers.


Our mixes can be used at breakfast, lunch, breaktime and dinner! For every cake mix purchased, a job is sustained and created in Africa. It’s amazing that doing something good, can actually taste good!

Over the past decade, Africa has accounted for only 1.5% of global value added in manufacturing. At Caroline’s Cake Mix, we believe long term economic sustainability comes from enabling the African workforce, a belief that has driven us to create the very best cake mixes possible – with ingredients sourced locally and passionately manufactured.



In order to fund the growth of the business, I am looking for Bronze, Silver and Gold partners. Your investment will enable me to…

          1. Purchase raw materials in bulk
          2. Grow the segment through aggressive marketing
          3. Employ more people

I would love to receive a debt loan of

          • 5000 USD (Bronze Partner), or
          • 10,000 USD (Silver Partner), or
          • 20,000 USD (Gold Partner).

The attractive interest rate on the borrowed amount is 5% per annum.

Payback in installments will commence after a 1-year moratorium period.
Be part of this exciting journey. Looking forward to hearing from you and growing the Caroline’s Cake Mix Brand together.

Caroline Nansubuga-Bredt,
Caroline’s Cupcakes Limited.